colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

My name: abgbotak yg sepi
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About me: abah: D70 gadgetman ibu: tukang tgk gamba kak long: amik gamba sendiri me: black and white fanatic.. mamud: email photoblogger adik: couldnt care less about us..
From: Ireland
Other: D70s
Edoras FotoZine
Latest entry:2017 First Pic
Test photo View this Fotopage entry
ted adnan
Latest entry:16 October 2010 Lighting Seminar With Ted Adnan
Ted Adnan, the famous lighting dewd in Malaysia will be sharing his experience and his lighting techniques in the studio and on location via this inaugural seminar. Grab your chance to get close and personal with him in this intensive one day programme. In the morning Ted Adnan will share his work thru a slide presentation and conduct a lighting demo on stage. You get to PRACTICE what you learn in the morning seminar in a mini workshop after lunch. VENUE: Auditorium, Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure Un... View this Fotopage entry
Maizatul Nasyira
Latest entry:Budak
And this is Budak View this Fotopage entry
Julia M A
Latest entry:• Don't stop moving •
She called many times and I answered her finally. Made it to the peak of Mt Kinabalu in Oct 2009. • • • View this Fotopage entry
A participant for the Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon 2009.
Phalinn Ooi
Latest entry:Get Over It. He's Dead
Yea yea yeah, shamon, auww!! New York, Circa 1987-88 The Tempurung Kelapa-Head MJ. To My Mum, I'm The Best MJ Impersonator. So, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie? View this Fotopage entry
ReActivate Zul
Latest entry:::: ReActivate Foto Blogspot :::
::: Askm sumer member FP & rakan2 yg melihat FP ini.. dimaklumkan bahawasanyer aku telah ::: berpindah ke lamanweb baru iaitu Sapa tak sedih ::: nak lepaskan ruangan yg penuh dgn nostalgia sejak 10 Disember 2005 lagi.. Alhamdulillah ::: drpd FP ini juga aku byk berkenal-kenalan dgn rakan taulan yg mempunyai minat yg sama.. ::: Sblm FP, aku mula berjinak-jinak dlm bidang blogging ini dgn MySpace, diikuti DeviantArt, ::: FotoPages, ... View this Fotopage entry
::: Torch Relay PJB 3
H a r u s s
Latest entry:Christmas Markets at the Cologne Cathedral / 2009
Christmas markets at the Cologne Cathedral / Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom Model : Izuan 3 exposures tone mapped HDR. f/4.0 , 6sec, ISO 200 Salam Tahun Baru 1430 Hijrah & Salam Tahun Baru 2009 Masihi f/10.0 , 16sec, ISO 200 , again:izuan View this Fotopage entry
Kölner Dom in HDR
taufiq shariff View this Fotopage entry
Hasnizam Photography
Latest entry:Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 / Selamat Tahun Baru 2009
Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1430 Daripada saya kepada semua umat Islam seluruh dunia, marilah kita berdoa bersama-sama untuk kesejahteraan semua umat Islam. Amin. Hasnizam Hashim 31 December 2008 View this Fotopage entry
fAiZah Abu BaKAr
Latest entry:~.: Selamat Hari Raya :.~
Selamat Hari Raya to everyone... ~from Faizah & Enif :) Sneak preview from our bali honeymoon View this Fotopage entry
amiu kemacoan
Latest entry:caki and jaa
View this Fotopage entry
nfirdaus abdullah
Latest entry:The end of used fotopages
Starting from today, I'm not going to use anymore this photoblog. For my latest update of photoblog u can visit View this Fotopage entry
Rosli Othman
Latest entry:2008 Cardiff Race For Life
These are some shot of the 2008 Cardiff Race For Life held at Bute Park, Cardiff. The race is held to raise money for Cancer Research UK Foundation and is a womens-only event. If you see yourself or anybody you knew in the photos and would like to purchase any of them, please send me an email (with your full name, contact details and photo numbers) and I will get back to you with the details as soon as possible. Click the link above to view all the thumbnails * ONLY £5 per print (4"x6") including pos... View this Fotopage entry
Wahida Yaakub
Latest entry:K a s i h . I b u
i've walked too long in this lonely lane . i've had enough of this same old game . i'm a man of the world and they say i'm strong . but my heart is heavy and my hope is gone . all i want to know that you're there . you're gonna give me all your sweet mother love kiter sayang mak kiter Menara Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2009. aksi yang membuatkan saya sangat tersentuh. nampak macam dia sayang sangat kat anak dia. heuww. semoga ibu dia menjadi ibu mithali dan semoga anak dia tu membesar menjadi seeko... View this Fotopage entry
pokcik, mama rock & bujal in action
LEa unTold
Latest entry:I'm Back in Malaysia!!!!
Dear All... Got back from Msia last end of updates..will do soon.. Anyhou..thanx for the comments..thanx for keeping in touch.. I'll be back with more shots soon...take care and happy Ramadhan next month Salam... Lea View this Fotopage entry
Jon Joe
Latest entry:kampungku
hehehe ni bukan kat kg akupun ni klat mane ni tawang bachok ni hehehe tak tau aku nak letak tajuk pe aku letak je kg ku hehehe LOL LOL LOL View this Fotopage entry
aishifu ash
Latest entry:[Outing] Gadis Melayu
Location: Pangsun Hulu Langat Malaysia Model :Melor @ Bona View this Fotopage entry
uma & meeeee..
Saiful Nang My Private Photoblog
Latest entry:ENTRY TERAKHIR Dah lama merancang tapi hari ni nak kena kuatkan juga semangat untuk say good-bye juga kepada fotopage. Dah 3 tahun lebih jatuh bangun kerjaya dan kehidupan saya diceritakan didalam fotopage ini. Tapi sekarang, masanya untuk berpindah. Kepada semua follower fotopage, please please please jangan lari. Sila lawati the new page. Mudah untuk anda dan mudah untuk saya. Dan lebih control untuk macam2 perkara. Terima kasih atas support semua. Dengan ini, saya ishtiharkan...inilah... View this Fotopage entry
mopiko JR
Latest entry:hjdolah family
View this Fotopage entry
the other Ax
Latest entry:...
View this Fotopage entry
Aishah Mohd Hafiz
Latest entry:The Long Hiatus :)
OMG lama gila tak update sini. Maybe because dah ada blog kot, so malas, tapi tak pandai letak gambar byk2 on the blog. Ye la tak IT savvy hehe. Im not a picture person anyways. But some ppl have been wanting to view my graduation photos, so here goes : View this Fotopage entry
suraya alssendra
Latest entry:Miri Field Trip~
Part of our 2 weeks course, we went to Miri for a weekend to check out the rocks over there. it's my 1st geology field trip in Msia View this Fotopage entry
Shira nasir
Latest entry:Bray and Glendalough
View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry::: Segar ::
Kat KT skarang ni cuaca tak menentu...kadang panas, kadang hujan... :-S Arapnye bumi Terengganu kerap disimbah hujan... Bila tengok gambar ni, rasa macam sejuk je mata memandang :-D View this Fotopage entry
Darina Albakri
Latest entry:Nell's Bday@Salamanca
View this Fotopage entry
suhaimi mat salleh
Latest entry:comel!
adik nie comel gila..amik candid time wedding client last week :D © All images on this site are under the ownership & copyright of .No photograph may be reproduced, downloaded, copied, stored, manipulated, or used whole or in part of a derivative work, without the permission from the owner. All rights reserved. View this Fotopage entry
Nazri Unni
Latest entry:Pearl of the Orient...
View this Fotopage entry
Ariff Rashid
Latest entry:Heads up people
Sorry for the very long silence guys, I have moved to View this Fotopage entry
Adzleen Mohmood
Latest entry:Meng'international'kan diri...hmm
assalamualaikum wbt... heboh kisah di KMB skang, ura ura nak mengolah balik program program yang ade kat college.. katanya, kebanyakan program yang ada kurang 'menginternationalkan' pelajar... lebih meletakkan pelajar dibawah tempurung... terutamanya program program yang berbentuk agama... :-S :-S :-S :-S so here i list down my international involvement after 4 years in Ireland.. 1) involving & organizing 4 times Islamic Awareness week (including once Islamic awareness month) 2004-2007 ... View this Fotopage entry
MSO and Farah Yusri
Latest entry:Moved.
Assalamualaikum, Please be informed that we have moved to a different domain: Jemput Datang. View this Fotopage entry
Ikmal M J
Latest entry:Belakang rumah saya
The River Clyde is about 500m walk from my flat. A few tourist sites are located here. This is the Glasgow Tower. It is the only buiding in the world that is able to turn 360 degrees in order to reduce wind resistance. Alas, it is infamous for its safety and engineering I've never been up there. View this Fotopage entry
naNy abd Rahman
Latest entry:I Do's in 2007
For hearing my thoughts, understanding my dreams, and being my best friend... For filling my life with music, and loving me without end... I do... ;-) View this Fotopage entry
nt alias
Latest entry:Memanjangkan akal.
Bagaimana kalo aku dpt menakluki Dun N6, Batu Talam.. hemm.......angguk dua tiga kali. View this Fotopage entry
Cek Ya Cek Lah
Latest entry:i'm out...
salam... i have moved to a new place; thanx for everything, guys. ;-) View this Fotopage entry
puden zanial
View this Fotopage latest entry
mas ayu MD
Latest entry:A view from PNB Darby Park
View this Fotopage entry
Too bad nobody tgh swimming..ehehe..
Lisa Edora
Latest entry:Mandi² @ Panching Kuantan
Hujung baru ni dapat la lisa lepaskan rindu kat buah hati lisa .. ajak kengkawan ramai² gi mandi kat air terjun Panching Kuantan .. Ramai la jugak join .. terlepas rasa berat dan penat kerja sekali sekala beriadah ni .. tapi masa lisa upload gambar ni lisa tumpang komputer faiz .. so curi skit la gambar dari camera dia .. dari camera lisa lagi banyak gambar tapi masa menumpang komputer dia ni lisa tak bawak laptop .. so ini jer la yang dapat dikongsikan kenangan manis lisa ni .. View this Fotopage entry
ieja ibrahim
Latest entry:a year older, a year wiser ;)
View this Fotopage entry
farhan abd rahman
View this Fotopage latest entry
azlanhelmy abdsamat
Latest entry:Batrisyia Safiyyah
View this Fotopage entry
Rina Khan
Latest entry:Al Alim
View this Fotopage entry
Hizami amin tai
Latest entry:Wedding invitation
Getting married this saturday!!!! Here's the invitation card for my friends... The subang one is on saturday at the bride's place, and the sunday one is in Bandar baru bangi, groom's house View this Fotopage entry
nurulfatiha abdulmuien
Latest entry:Reunion - Long overdue :P
Sorry everyone sebab update lambat sket. Here's one of the many pics dari reunion hari tuh. Of course we had a great time. Borak-borak, menyumbat perut and tersandar mengah2 sebab kenyang. Till we meet again folks. For more picture, click daaaaa!!~ nurulfatiha - have to hurry, abah daa insist nak gi umah orang kawen LOL View this Fotopage entry
Admin Fotopages Malaysia
Latest entry:5th Malaysian Fotopages Gathering Klik imej di atas untuk terus ke laman web rasmi Fotopages Malaysia Digital Comunity Terima kasih Admin FMDC Kuala Lumpur View this Fotopage entry
asyraf sulaiman
Latest entry:Warwick Games 2006
hahahahahahahaha hah hah hah hah View this Fotopage entry
Suraya Albakri
Latest entry:Day 18
View this Fotopage entry
sueN denan
Latest entry:Congratulations Nisa..! (dated December 4th)
ok la kawan2. ini dia gambo2 mase kat wedding nisa tuh. hopefuli semua berpuas ati dgn skill akku yg xseberape neh. buwek.. jelesnye tgk budak seko neh dh kawen. dh la mnjadik rebutan setiap jejake kt fakulti tuh (udah2 le tuh, korang. xyah nk nangis2.. akku kn ader? :P) hopefuli akan bahgie sehingge ke anak cucu.. and plz, people. dun gimme dat "KO BILER PLAK, sueN??" question. :-O View this Fotopage entry
shireen zamani
Latest entry:Datins'(uhuks) Trip to United Kingdom! Wahahaha!
View this Fotopage entry
syed nassier View this Fotopage entry
sharifah farah
Latest entry:~sUmmER bREEZE~
:group_hug: venue:peak distrcit finding serenity in this short vacation, such a relief after cramping heads and battling few weeks before, this is all i need thanks kak long,zul and iok, such a nice place and im loving the nature more graciously.. View this Fotopage entry
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
Latest entry:NUS Conference 2005
This was my second NUS Conference, but the first time as a delegate (from King's). I was there from Tuesday until Thursday. Didn't take a lot of pictures - too busy with the whole Conference which left less time for other things. It was a good experience, and I hope that I served the King's students well. View this Fotopage entry
Further education students making a statement
Jemster Jr
Latest entry:Borakphoto Task #6 - Black & White
Task Borakphoto - Black & White View this Fotopage entry
farrah ayob
View this Fotopage latest entry
ddd ddd
View this Fotopage latest entry
Edward Scissorhands
Latest entry:wazaaa
View this Fotopage entry

View this Fotopage latest entry
nicknacks best
View this Fotopage latest entry
Nurdina Shamsudin
View this Fotopage latest entry
Shaliza Mokhtar
Latest entry:Hello & Goodbye
I've compiled my works at which will be updated from time to time. Thank you so much visitors, it has been emotional. View this Fotopage entry

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