colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

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Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 12:39 Email | Share | Bookmark
wmdhafidz modelling school - Dublin (beautiful people)

first shot of sumai!
ridhuan, sumai and zain

at first i thought i wanted to give it a rest for myself after the hectic and stressfull competition we had before uploading a new entry.. So far the last round was the hardest one.. for all of us... draining for sure... unfortunately hati tak tenang... or 'jiwa kacau' (JK) when i see my fp without any bnw's.. huhuh dont know why.. its been quite some time since my last entry of bnw... hey dont get me wrong... coloured photos are great... its just that i feel an inner peace or satisfaction when my bnw pics works out as i expected or even better than i expected.

remember that i was looking for models last time? well luckily my cousin in Dublin do have some friends that are very2 sporting to help me out in learning... i was inspired by all the footage of sifu ted's classes. shame for me not being able to attend his classes due to distance and travelling cost plus the time. (im in ireland and he is in malaysia )

so at last there some beautiful people who love to help out the learning babies.they are 3 great friends sumai, zain and ridhuan. apparently they have seen my work before and zain in particular is a bnw fan according to my cousin. I was very2 happy! on the day as i plan to see them, i met my cousin first in town before going to their house in smithfield. penthouse!!!! oh yes on the way.... my cousin told me that they also had already booked SN for a session when he is coming over.

hell i was nervous!!! absolutely they will be comparing my work with his work later! duh!! i was scared that i wouldnt be up to their expectations.... sigh...loads of pressure there even before the shots... couldnt sit still! huhuh

when i first meet them.. i know they are all nice ppl... they were very2 warm and friendly.. and did say something nice about my previous work i guess.. anyway thats what i wanted to hear.. ahahaha u only hear what u want to hear right? calmed myself down since i didnt ask fo any money to shoot them.. actually i should be the one who pays them! ahahahah but since both are not even amateur... kira boleh la!!!

they gave me some time to look around and get idea on composing... feed me well and let me use the loo.. eheheh this is my first time ever shooting ppl in a preset condition.. before this i only shoot candid photos... so this is the time to learn something new... controlling your subjects as well as being in control of your camera and photos...

they were very2 nice and friendly.. during the shots... i can see how great friends they are...some ppl justify the quality of a picture by judging the appearance of the ppl in there (esp the pics which have me... ada org ckp my face dlm gamba "tak leh BLAH!" ) which i think is very2 wrong... its not about the looks.. gemuk ke buncit ke double chin ke and what ever... its about the heart and the soul of the person...

so that was what in my mind for my debut.. i wanted to show to the world that these ppl are beautiful.. great friends are beautiful.. thats what matters

im going to upload the photos in a few series.. this is the first session..

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