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Saturday, 30-Dec-2006 16:22 Email | Share | Bookmark
xmas with the O'Gara Family

ni dia olivia
the family infront of their house
kevin, monica, olivia, terence and eddie
lompat korg lompat!
lari lak cam jackass2 the movie.. lol
ibu... comel tak?
aku rasa abg dia mcm ben afleck la.. hahah
mmg mati kutu la nk amik gamba diorg..langit takde kaler!
haa ni la mak dia dibuli oleh abgnya
ni wat old skool skit sbb ada nenek dia..
haa tak lama lg diorg angkat aku lak..
ko tak nk jd tunang aku ke? hahaha

i was so lucky this year... the O'Gara family had invited me to stay over in their house for xmas.. how excited was i... i knew their only daughter olivia last summer when she was in malaysia with her friends.. olivia picked me up in ballyshannon on the 24th and drove me to her home... i was so nervous to meet her parents and her granny... she has 2 brothers and she is the middle one.. i never feel very easy with brothers of a lady friend of mine... ( coz i usually a bit edgy with guy friends of my sisters)

she anyhow reassured me that her brothers wont hurt me and her parents really wanted to meet me.. so i did arrive at her house that afternoon... took me a whole 2 minutes to get out of the car ... i was so nervous that i almost had swallowed my tongue when they said hi to me... after a few minutes i was alright... made my first joke after 15 minutes being there... i was about to go out for a walk with olivia and kevin (daddy) asked me if we are gonna be cold and needed a lift... i said we'd be alright and we'll run if we got cold.. (so lame!)

monica (mommy) cooked great dishes... she went an extra hundred of miles in getting some halal lamb which had to be specially ordered and delivered from limerick!! uhuhu felt so bad to be troubling them... her granny was very2 nice... chatty too!! she always made effot to make small talk with me.. most of the time she ask the same question again and again.. she was very nice though... her brothers terence and eddie was cool too! sadly we didnt have much thing to do together since i dont play golf or gaelic football!

i had a few presents myself for the xmas.. one from the parents a a few from olivia.. luckily i did get her something.. if you ask me are they a happy family... id say YES! they are any happy family would be.. i felt home.. made me miss my family... they funniest thing was eddie the eldest in the family kept picking on his mom... and her mom keep asking me would i do such thing to my mom seeking for me to be on her side... sadly i said yes.. and yes id say most mom are the same.. worrier!! study more.. dont play too much.. and gossips too!

in return i thought i could take some photos for her family... unfortunately luck was not on my side.. it was a gloomy couple of days... i was shooting in RAW too! so took me sometime to get everything to the best that i could do... sigh.. maybe i could have done better with better lense and a flash gun which i could take some pics inside the house.. too bad they all had to obey me to be outside for the lack of light.. i have to admit that some photos taken were influence by the experience i had with SN..

different story.... my sister got engaged today.. i rang the house last night asking if i could see them live on the internet... my dad said no... and 6o clock this morning my dad rang me up and gave the phone to my brother.. he gave me the streaming ip and it works! .... at least i could say i was there partly during the ceremony... even though the streaming wasnt so great... lagging like hell.. but it was enough for me... enough for me needs to be there during the important event.. my sister was so happy.. jumping all about... hahaha i have to say she did lose some weight.. not too much.. but significantly enough compared to how she was the last time i saw her... so 20kg more to go in 6 months!! (told her not to eat too much!)

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