colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Pelajar perubatan di luar negara boleh sambung pengajian

BALI 12 Mei - Kerajaan tidak mempunyai halangan untuk membenarkan pelajar perubatan Malaysia di luar negara tidak terus pulang berkhidmat setelah tamat pengajian jika mereka berhasrat menyambung pengajian atau mencari pengalaman sehingga menjadi doktor pakar.

Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, kerajaan berpendapat alasan itu, yang diberikan oleh wakil pelajar Malaysia pada satu pertemuan dengan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed di Ireland baru-baru ini adalah munasabah.

``Dengan itu, kita tidak boleh mengatakan mereka sebagai kurang patriotik. Kalau nak sambung belajar, cari pengalaman tak apalah. Cuma kita tidak dapat mengisi jawatan (kekosongan) di dalam negara dengan lebih cepat,'' katanya semasa sesi dialog bersama 73 pelajar Malaysia yang sedang menuntut dalam jurusan perubatan di Universiti Udayana di Denpasar, di sini hari ini......

actually a few months ago i came to a decision not to prolong my stay over here after my graduation... why? well the main reason was im old already... 22 years old.. sigh... any my parents? my dad is going to be 50 in 3 days and my mom is already 49... by the time i graduate in 2008, my dad would be 52 and my mom 51... if i am to continue my study until fellowship... definitely i'd need to spend another 8 years at least after my graduation... that is 10 years from now on... that is given that the opportunity was there.. i mean the vacancy of a consultant surgeon...

i was wayyyyy excited when the royal college of surgeon edinburgh offer the 8 years surgery fellowship course a few years back... yeah... from a fresh grad to a consultant surgeon eg paediatric surgeon or neuro surgeon in 8 years... from my calculation, if i go home right after my graduation, 8 years after that id only be a senior medical officer and just eligible to apply for a registrar place ( general specialist student).

my mom was very keen for me to stay and do it till fellowship.. my dad wasnt so keen since at that time all students have to go back and he is my guarantor... back to the age issues... yeah.. so if i do as i planned before, i'd be home in 2016 the soonest! at that time.. id be 22 years old still but my dad would be 60 and my mom 59.... me being a realist, and according to the average life expectancy.. i'd be in debt to my parents on the time spent raising and taking care of me... and i'm not comfortable with that...

not that i 'berkira'... but still i think ppl deserve to get back something better when they give out something selflessly... it would be selfish of me to stay here and pursue my ambition and not being at home with them while they were there for me when i need them most or even when i really dont need them to be there ( time dating takyah la kaco!! )

my parents would say go... pursue your ambitions.. dont let us pull u back... well they'll say that because they are parents... living to make sure their children get the best what they could in their life... thats selflessness... the unconditional love that my dad have been trying to tell me everytime i think i've let them down..

me.... i feel obliged to be there for them when im done with my education.. thats when i am on my own.. independence.. where my parents basic duty to me is done... that is the time when i have the chance to pay them back... even wont be equal.. at least i'd try my best... 20 years for 20 years... that's if my dad doesnt put any interest in it!

so the morale of the story is... kak long!! awak tu dah keje! dah la mintak stuff from abah! nasib la kitorg dpt and awak tak dapat! kawin cepat2.. ask from ur hubby!

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THe making of MR & MRS DAR...

naik cab in the morning..
smp2 terus lepak baca paper..
cuaca yg merundum tetiba...
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This is Mr and Mrs Dar.. .... Mrs Dar was SN's manager in Dublin. SN has been reminded by Mrs Dar to take great pictures of them for the whole 5 days before her turn... from the first day SN arrived till the end of the day of her turn....

SN stayed at her place and so did i for a few nights while i was there... its the most convenient way for me to be following SN in the duration of my staying in dublin... plus the person hosting my regular and favourite crash place is having dia nyer exam soon... so absolutely i dont want to trouble that person..

Mr and Mrs Dar is a great couple... great host.. and i found one of my favourite malay's desert at their place too! made my week!.. thanks Mr and Mrs Dar... you guys are great!

we went to botanical garden on the bank holiday... and it was sunny day apart for some rains... well its ireland... the weather changes every 30 minutes... anyhow.. there was a sun on that day... oh yeah... actually it was the brightest at around 6-7 am... and Mrs Dar did warned us that she was going to wake us up that early if its sunny... luckily she didnt... have a well rested photographer is better than having a good weather... right on!

for the real story... please visit
i was there to learn from him.. not actually their photog..

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The making of The Murphy's Family featuring Ailbhe

930 am train..
SN: amik gamba tu.. tunjuk kat ejot..
keep ur hat on...
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my first assignment with SN... its in Maynooth... had to run to connoly train station to get the train there... cost €2.30 single way per person.. arrived there just over 10 am... had some coffee and started shooting.... too bad SN's backup camera still cant be used... sos i had no choice except to use my beloved 'printer'. it was a great experience to have worked beside SN.. loads of stuff that i've learned from him by observation and orally..

Ailbhe is a very2 easy girl to work with... always smiles... and not afraid of stranger... (gonna need that if you are to stalk her!!) love the job! great experience!

for the real pics by the pro... please visit

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RCSI International Night

saper ni tukang jual tiket nih?
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pardon me with the focus in this shot.. it was my first few shots with the kind of camera and lense..

guess who is in town? met him in the Dublin city center just after his first shooting in Dublin... yeah.. the one with 16 joyful kids... anyhow SN asked me if i wanted to follow him to the international night in Mansion House that night... i said yeah... in his generousity... he offered me his back up camera... Nikon D70 to replace my HP 945 semi slr which he is more comfortable calling a 'printer' rather than a camera....

unfortunately for me.. his D70 had some memory slot problem... .... takde rezeki abgbotak.... sigh... but anyhow that night... he gave me the chance to use his D200 instead.... it was my first experience using a real DSLR.... omg... it was exhilarating... seriously... the euphoric feeling when u hear the shutter sound.. this D200 can take 5 frames per second while my 'printer' can only take 5 frames in just over a minute! thats about more than 60x better speed man!

SN gave me his 80-200mm f2.8 lense... the longest lense i've ever seen live... i stood up at the main entrance of the hall.. around 30m away from the stage... waiting anxiously to start shooting... remember the kui dinner photos? that was not as dark as this one.. the hall was totally in darkness except some spotlights on the stage... imagine how happy i was when i see the photos that i managed to get with that camera... worse condition but with better result...

thanks alot SN for being a real sport!

p/s: dpt opening je... lepas tu battery abih... heheh SN dah pakai whole day amik gamba masa tu...

coming soon... The Making of the Murphy's family featuring Ailbhe by SN...

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Confirmation of Death...

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Doctors were always called to confirm death but they have no legal obligation to:

1. confirm death
2. view the dead body
3. report the fact of a death- although doctor must report the cause of death if he attended the deceased during the final illness.

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