colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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perhentian dives: COT hunting

pak ku: jejaka kuat perhentian
kapten bot yg disegani
divers ready to dive
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after redang, we went back to the main land for 2 days before going to perhentian. Still hunting for COT. this time the hunt was organised by marine park malaysia. it was a 3 days event. this one was even better since coral malaysia and marine park has a very2 good relationship. plus perhentian is more like our home for diving rather than redang. we know the place better, the water salt content better and we know most of the people you can find in perhentian.

it was agreat trip plus i didnt get any COT stung though mr rahim; the timbalan pengarah of marine park malaysia still keep bugging me for the euphoric drug,. as always, i hardly have time to take photos when go diving since its hard to have it in safe keeping on the land nor the boat. (water and strangers all around) so i have to settle for a few photos that i managed to take.

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BP Project AWARE p. Redang

kak rozie
ena. org kuat CoRal Malaysia
the girl with nice hair
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on the 17th of june, 5 days after my arrival to malaysia i went to p redang with around 40 ppl to p. redang most of them were BP malaysia's staff. The rest of them were the Marine Park ppl and 10 of the Coral Malaysia ppl. i went in under coral malaysia's ticket.

on the 2 days event, we the coral malaysia divers were suppose to join just to observe their effort on cleaning up the redang beach and preserving the corals around redang. the non divers went picking up the trashers on the beach la... us.. the divers went down under and clean up the ocean bed as well as collecting the Coral of thorn, (COT) something like tapak sulaiman. These COT eat the corals for living. they suck up the nutrients. thats what makes the coral look white. white corals are dead corals.

the ironing thing about COT is, its poisonous.... its thorn can go thru your 3mm neoprene wetsuit. even worse if u got stung directly to your skin. they'll suck the nutrients from your bone right out. so ppl who got stung by the cot might be hospitalised. its not fatal... but still it gives bad reaction to your body such as headache and allergic reaction.

the best thing during the event was.... i got stung by the cot while carrying it in net. it went thru my 3mm wet suit. luckily i just got i little bit of it which was the stung didnt dwell too deep thru my skin on my forearm. then i got a little headache . first i thought it was due to my long rest from diving which was 9 months. (hell i had no idea whats the symptomps of COT poison when i got down).

so i continue diving for another while till my buddy ena had to go up since she was freezing. when i got up i tolkd them that i got stung and at the same time having this headache. when they told me the headache is due to the stung, the pain got worse.

took 1g of paracetamol when we dock. 4 hours after that the pain didnt get less at all... bummer... it was annoying... the headache was really annoying. luckily my loratadine works well to prevent inflammatory reaction. justafter dinner, i've decided to take a proactive measures. took 100 mg of tramadol and waited for 15 minutes till the deep pulsating annoying headache in my temporal lobe totally gone.

what a relief. at the same time my self prescribed drugs showed some favourable side effects.... euphoria.... i dont want to elaborate much on that.. just enough to say that most of the ppl who was with me that night keep complaining of pain to me and ask me for the drug that i used that night..

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meet delila

aquasport dive shop, kapas island
mail wandering off
the sun set from the island
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i got home on the 12th of june this year. Ena from CoRal Malaysia rang me up and asked me whether i'd be interested to join them observing the BP Malaysia doing ocean clean up in Pulau redang on the 17th of june. I was really excited about it but first i have to do some refresher course on diving since my last dive was 9 months ago.

with good connections, i managed to go to kapas for an overnight trip which i've only decided on the day that i went. It was on the 16th of june. I brought along my friend Mail who was in the My Team. It was his first trip to an island. He was pretty excited. In kapas, i met Delila.

She just finished her studies locally and have spent 6 months on kapas island. She didn't work there, she is only helping her uncle. She love the island alot and anyone can tell that. This is my first time using the D70s which troubles me sometimes especially im not used to the lighting here. pardon me but i only started photography in ireland. THe photos can easily be overexposed on the background especially on an island where the sun is reflected by the sea and the sand.

it takes a lot of effort since im using the fully manual mode and lo aperture lenses but it does gives me the satisfaction of being in controlled than my printer which i've given to mail who seems interested in taking photos as well. I did one dive there with delila and i had a litlle trouble with my bouyancy.

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The making of Adriana Bt. Dr. Zekri & Mel @ Powerscourt Dublin

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this was one of the photo session with SN back a few months ago now in eire. Zek was one of the seniors in Galway and he was already working when i first got there. He moved to other hospital when i was in second year. WHen we first met, i had no idea that we were going to take his daughter's pics. IT came to my surprise when he picked us up after the abhaile session near dublin. what a small world. the last time i met zekri was in second year when he just got married to his current wife and that day i was there to take his daughter's pics. Sadly my camera ran out of battery in the middle of the session at powerscourt. bila dah balik town balik br buleh start amik gamba blk bila dah gi beli battery emergency.

p/s: my entries using D70 is in line to be uploaded. jbeen busy diving this few weeks. at the moment, bg abih gamba2 amik ngan printer dulu

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Counter Strike

mana org jahat?
tembak dia... tut tut tut
tinggal abgbotak sorg je ni!
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this is one of the most famous online game in the world.. in Galway you have to play this to be in the conversations with the guys there... its like world cup.. you dont watch it.. you'll be missing out...

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