colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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hahahha padan muka abgbotak!!


i'd guess my last entry was a bit out of control... i never thought it would get that much of attention.. thanks for those who were trying to get me feel better thhough... but now i think i sounded pathetic.. its not that serious k! i live alone.. it was a lonely weekend.. the last time i had dinner not being alone was more than a month ago.. huhuh so i admit i was a bit carried away.. so today i decide to write something that has nothiing to do with girls la..

It is amazing when you start to think how fast did the time went by........ Where were you 8 years ago? What were you doing at that time?? How well were you??
Well 8 years ago... I was in MRSM Jasin. The place where I and all my former MRYT - MARA Dungun pioneer mates were convinced that this is one of the 3 places where all the gifted students will be. The place where a lot of great things can be achieved. Well I don't know how true was that..

What I can remember the most is that's the place where I met Syad, Qiss, Jazree, Rickin and all other fellow jasinians that went to KMYS. Qiss was the bright guy who gets CGPA of 3.50 above for the whole 4 semesters, Jazree starts to show the symptoms of "hitting people is fun" habit while Rickin always give me his shiny metallic smile. They were the urban gangs where living in KL is a cool thing to do while a boy living in the east coast like me is not cool at all. I was the kampung boy and it was fun to pick up on me.

Well, that was 8 years ago as after knowing each other for a year, I wasn't so bad at all in catching up with the city boy and then we became good friends. Syadidi in the other hand was one of the most important person in the school. He was well known by everybody including the seniors and was well respected. The only reason that made us to know each other at that time was basketball.

I was the only junior who plays basketball at that time except for Sura and Ezanol. No one seems to be interested in joining the seniors (big bullies!) for such a game at that time. One day, I saw Syad running from the tennis court and seems to be happy to join us. I think his first words was " Hey basketball is quite fun too!" Starting from that day onwards, I can see him on the court for almost everyday.

Dino and Amir at that time were his close friends from what I saw were into the game as well. As Syad was a beginner and I did start to play a few months before him, I got the chance to 'teach' him some basketball as I would say at that time. He was really eager to learn how to dribble the ball and to do some lay ups. I don't know whether it was my 'teaching' method or his giftedness but he learned quite well became better than all other beginners that start at the same time with him.

Time past by, he made it to the school team captained by me (still wants some credits here! heheh) and we went to the state round. We did quite well until Syarif The Talented Boy spills an easy lay up. Ok, we lost... hehehe Then the streetball fever starts again. At that time I don't want to be in the same team with Sura and Ezanol anymore. I wanted a stronger team. Later me, Syad and Dino made a team and it was the best team in the school at that time. We did pretty great and defeated all other teams including the rivals and went through to the West Coast semifinal.

The semifinal was brilliant! We had the opponent to dunk right on our faces and and shot from all points on the court. We have a good excuse anyway, that was the team who represented Malaysia for streetball the season before that. We lost but we did score too!! So it was still great!!

After the leaving cert, I thought I would be separated from everyone who were in Jasin. What a coincidence, we were together again in KMYS a few months after the result came out. Syad, Qiss, Jazree and i were together again. This time Syad had check out the basketball court before hands including the strengths of the seniors basketballer. He was very eager to start playing again with me and wanted to show them how good we were.

We did rock KMYS's basketball court and the seniors were stunned. Everybody wondered where did we came from.. ( a bit exaggeration here!! ;P) Even the seniors from our previous school were shocked on how much we did developed and now we were better than them. Later Syad started to play volleyball with me too! and so on with rugby... It was all fun until one day I twisted my knee and ton my ligaments and then forced to retired.

After Alevels, no one in the Irish Consortium knew where were we going to be placed until a week before we departed. Uh well there it goes again, me, Syad and Jazz are here in Ireland and Syad and me are in the same uni. How long was it that I've been with him? This should be the sixth years!!! Uh.. how old am I... well Syad, has been great to me since we are here. Still remember a few years ago when i had this big depression episode and intuitively he was the first one i went to to cry on.. he was very supportive and tried to help even he was having his exam that week.

Yeah sometimes i would go to his room and sleep on his floor just to feel that im not alone. He has this big brother figure to me which he would always tell me to do the right thing and think a lot before making any decisions... especially if i'm about to spend loads of money on nonsense things. He'll make me think twice! Well guys.. it does feel good to have someone to grow up with.. and today he turns 24.. hahahah tua ko syad... Happy birthday and have a blessed final med year!

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whats left of abgbotak...

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i was thinking of putting up the song lyric at first.. but then my second thought went against the corny idea....

i went thru the bloodyhellboys webpage just now... its a web blog which the ppl in my alevels friends update whats happening on among us... then i saw some links and news of my friends who got married... salman, kamal, hizami, lan and soon to be amir... boy how fast time had passed me by...


im feeling very2 happy for them... after all those effort in courtship.. it must feel great when you had found the right one... bla2 bla2 bla.. im trying to refrain myself from putting too much comment on that before .. you know....

for some ppl, relationship just seem to work for them... for some ppl like salman, amir and kame... which i tend to be closer than the others since we seems to had have the same fate in courtship.. ... things wasnt as smooth as it would be in the normal population... to my envy, all of the above are married, engage or has been in a very2 long term relationship now....


i keep telling myself 'no women no cry' .. yes.. but i can only say that when someone come to me with trouble in his relationship... most of the time.. me... 'no women i cry alone'


to this later years, i have this paranoia or shall i say post traumatic stress disorder which it feels to me im jinx to be in any relationship... it didnt work out last time.. why this time?... so i say im jinx with girls... after all abgbotak has never been that charming pon...


hehehe my mom told me to leave the hard part of getting a good girl to her. she thinks im very2 bad at it.. most probably she is just jelous and afraid id give more attention to other girl than her...(actually yeah.. its not that easy to impress girls nowdays!) different story to my dad... he'll keep himself up to date to whom im currently dating or having things going on... then when things didnt work out, he'll laugh at my face.. he is very convinced that his son will never ever be better than him with girls.. oh well.. what can i say? i learn from the best... him! after all he has been the one teaching me with all these great ideas and tricks! well it didnt work out dad.. and its not how i look! im pretty convinced that im less ugly than you are! (with or without my hair)

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abgbotak goes wild.....

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pada suatu hari....

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bikini party..

nervous on the boat before the trip..
cheeky samantha
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due to descretion on the underage viewers, the publisher is oblige to show only a few out of hundreds photos taken during the bikini party,.... saper suruh sombong tak nak ikut aku jalan ganu!

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kapas "City of Divers""

smp je terus gi carik makan
i love white chocolate... hihih
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