colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Saturday, 4-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
raya 2k4

semek oh semek
mamut trying to look cool
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i was chatting with my dad thru sms in the library during the fasting month.. i was busy asking my dad for a new pair of shoes.. i had holes in my shoes and the rain keep me wet... its not good u know.. suddenly my dad asked me whether i'll be in holiday during raya.. i said... weh mana aci tukar subject! i was busy asking for money for a new shoes... but i said la sadly i dont.. but then he replied... stunningly and surprisingly.. ingat nak bg tiket balik raya tadi.. hehe dgn seronoknya i said.. buleh jek.. and forget about the shoes! hehe so he agreed.. with a few conditions.. which i dont like to mention.. none of my family members knew about me going home apart from my dad...

so i went home.. with the best mood ever! bought a frankenstein mask in klia... i arrived at the same night as my bro to trg... he was supposed to arrive 15 minutes earlier than me but the flights got delayed and i arrived first..

my mom and my sisters were surprised when my dad decided to come with them to pick up my brother at the airport.. it was the friday before raya.. raya was on sunday.. my dad asked my mom.. what is her favourite thing? he got it for her for the raya... its worth RM4000.. my mom answered.. diamonds?! it has to be diamonds heheh ibu.. dad just kept his silence and asked my mom to wait for his surprise.. my mom didnt put much hope anymore when my dad said he is going to the airport to take his present for her.. he asked his friend who is working with MAS to pass it.. my mom was taken a back a bit hearing that and thought it must be something for the new house.. not really for her... correl or something..

then the jelousy came to her mind.. my mom wondered.. since when lak my dad knows someone working for MAS? that person must be working on the plane.. stewardress!! she went sulky... and a bit of rage.. she waited.. patiently.. and curiously.. so as my sisters

i came down from the plane.. the airport was packed! at the arrival gate.. i asked one of the security personel whether i can put on my mask.. i was afraid that the security would be at alert of terorrist attack.. he asked why? i said.. just to surprise my parents.. he said ok.. just make sure no one gets heart attack... so i put on my mask.. my black jacket.. and run out.. abandoning my luggage...

outside.. there was a path bordered by hundreds of ppl.. they were waiting for their family members to arrive for raya obviously.. and there were 2 flights scheduled to arrive that night.. i walked out quickly.. with limited vision from the mask... i saw loads of grinning faces watching at me curiously and scaring the small children.. i heard... look at that.. there is a monster looking for you..

i walked out of the airport to the main entrance with my best monster walk ever... wandering for any familiar faces... then i saw my dad and my mom.. walking into the airport... they were alerted with the attention given by the crowd to me.. when i had my dad's eyes in my eyes.. he seems to know that it was me.. my mom looked at me and wondered whats going on? she thought i was some mascot like mcdonalds have... i ran to her... she was shocked... trying to hide behind my dad.. my dad then tried to get rid of her and expose her to me..

i jumped to her and gave her a brace from behind.. she shouted and asked my dad to get rid of me.. my dad just laughed and still trying to get rid of my mom's brace.. after a while i noticed my mom was checking at my hands.. then she cried again.. its a man!! she seems to be very scared .. then i saw my sisters... laughing and wondered whether its shah.. my bro.. but his plane wasnt there yet...

then i took my mask off.. my mom cried.. abang! abang balik?!.. my sisters laugh and i heard my dad saying thats my RM 4000 present for you.. my mom started to cry till my sister asked her not to.. in the public! then i get to hug my sisters and my dad... then my dad asked.. where's your luggage? is that all u bring back? a bag pack?

my bro arrived a few minutes later and was surprised too when i scrub his head while waiting for my luggage in the arrival hall....

p/s: my dad claims he knew it right away its me when he saw the frankeinstein.. he said we have the resemblance... and my sister thought i was a 'hot shot' celebrity who thought he is too hot to be noticed by the public... uhuh..

Tuesday, 25-Nov-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
raya 2k3

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raya 2k3.. my second raya abroad... i have more photos of past events.. i guess i'll load it up a bit later... so you may see my updates from now on would actually loading the old photos...
raya abroad.. uh! nothing much to say.. its always the same...

Monday, 18-Mar-2002 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my last day of basket ball..( of everything actually)

no.. we were not faked.. me n syad were just showing some jumps
we were the tallest 3 in kmys basketball team..
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it was the day when i first injured the acl of my left knee... playing with a bunch of nobodies who came to kmys.. not even worth a bit! and now ive torned both acl of my knees and ive only repaired my left one..

Sunday, 27-Jan-2002 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
kmys 10's 2002 "Thicker Than Blood"

wahab.. trying to keep the spirits up before the first game..
no no.. it aint our fault!
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KMYS 10's.. it was really thicker than blood.. it was when jazree broke his shoulder... well it was the first such big even was held by kmys students.. shidi was the man behind this thing.. he came up with the idea and proposal.. though most of us were just beginner in the game.. like me! it wasnt even more than 6 months i guess that i first learn how to play rugby.. first i thought it was just a stupid game hurting yourself.. but ends up to love the game most since they gave me some important roles... well at least they made it sounds important to me to keep me keen of the game.. hehehe
and guess what? rugby only gave me scrathes and broken teeth.. never my acl! like basketball did.. so basketball is more dangerous and stupid game than rugby...

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