colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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it took me a while to actually get to play this song on my guitar... i love this song... simple words.. simple chords... yet simple arrangements though with a bit advance strumming.. still it rocks... has deep meaning too... on top of everything... its a feel good song... so should feel good... should feel good!!

foo fighters wrote:

I've waited here for you

I throw myself into
and out of the red out of her head she sang

Come down and waste away with me
down with me
Slow, how you wanted it to be
over my head, out of my head she sang

and I wonder
when I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
the only thing I'll ever ask of you
you've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang

Breathe out
so I can breathe you in
Hold you in

and now
I know you've always been
out of your head out of my head i sang

p/s: buy me dinner and i'll play this song live for you!

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my friend and someone i know..

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last weekend i had the chance to go to london and meet my dad who was there for a business trip... i had the chance to meet kweng, a friend and someone i know..

kweng was my chaletmate in kmys.. we were under the same roof for 2 years.. we had no common interest..( eg he loves his gf.. i love girls.. ) but he has been my twin for so long... why? well he was wan mohd hafidz and i was wan kwong lee for a while... and it did fool some juniours for some months.. we laugh at our own lame jokes.. thats basically the only thing that we have in common.. other than that.. no....

we hardly talk to each other since we got here... id say on average once or twice a year using msn... and we have not real interest in talking more than that for now... the ironic thing is... even we hardly talk.. or even remember anything about each other..(eg i never remember his birthday and so does him or i blatantly guessed that he is from sibu) but when we see each other.. we picked up where we left... we were as close as we were the last time we see each other.. and that was for a couple of hours 4 years ago.. that was the last time i saw him...before that.. we were in kmys... being chaletmates.. and now to make my point.. we are still as close as we were before... even though i realised he has changed.. he grew up.. and i dont actually know how much i've changed since he didnt say anything... but we clicked.. like we were never separated...

i was on the phone with qisti and saravanan as well that weekend.. through salini as she was with them... and we are as good as we were...the last time i saw them was ages ago... then there is this one person.. we knew each other since were 10 years old... we have been in touch to each other... and id say we talk more than twice a year.. but then when i met her.. we were not as close as i was with kweng.. even i actually know and remember all the fact about this person.. birthday, place born, schools, parents names etc including home adress!, we dont connect that well.. i have no idea about what he thinks about me.. how much he appreciate of me being around... and i dont even how how sincere he is when we are saying things... this is what i call someone i know.. and kweng is a friend...

some people would argue that you have to keep in touch and work on it to keep a relationship to goes on... for me... a true friend is there.. no matter what you do or didnt do... a friend would still be a friend.. if you have to work on it.. then its more like a business.. the relationship is there on mutual interest... if you lost track.. you have to start from scratch... you have to work on the interest to have a reason to have the relationship....

so kweng that i know when i was 18 is a friend.. the guy that i know since i was 10 years old.. is someone that i know..someone that i know... its a shame.. but there is nothing that we can do... i tried to make it differently.. but i guess i tried too hard... or i was trying alone.. maybe i was trying alone..

kweng is not my only friend.. i hope other ppl know that they are my friend... im not gonna start mentioning names here.. coz i might miss out or i dont even remeber ur names anymore! but you would know yourself... if we talk... we have the rapport... we are like who we were before we were separated... than we were and are friends... if i know you and you know me.. and after a while we had to start again... then u are just someone that i know.. sad to say.. i dont want it to be that way.. but you are just someone that i know... someone that i know....

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for whatever reason...

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*this statement has nothing to do with the photos.. just random mental statement...

women keeps saying that guys lie all the time.. never trust anything that comes out from a guys mouth.. he lies most of the time.. never admits if he is married, having a girlfriend or even seing someone... well yeah maybe we do lie.. on the small things... but women.. they lie... on the big things...

" this is your baby"

they wear hills... you aint that tall!

they wear make ups... you aint that pretty!

they put on eye lashes.. it aint that thick!

they put on fake tann... u aint that tanned!

they put on blusher... u aint that shy either!!

they dont eat much infront of guys... u aint that full! and u aint that thin either!!

she's busy to go out with you... what do they call that? playing hard to get?!

they wear wonder bra.... sigh!

and yet they want to find a truthfull and honest guy!

so actually maybe guys do lie sometimes... but girls lie most of the time... thats why they are very good at it.. and thats why they can easily tell if a guy is lying... coz they do that all the time! forget about women being more sensitive to facial expression and body language.. how can you know the difference of something if you dont know what to differ at the first place?!

from the history itself.. cleopatra.. puteri gunung ledang.. pharaoh's wife.. eve.. sukma dermawan... courtney love.. monica lewinsky.. they all did their part in making the great man fall... why? man are weak.. they come from a women themselves.. women makes them weak..

thats why even women lies more... they are able to make man feel guilty about their small lies and mistakes and overlook on what they actually do on regular basis... thats why all great man falls for 3 things.... money, power and women...

even though we know about this long time ago... we still cant resist it... and man would always fall at any greatness...

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The making of adam and harris.. dublin... last spring..

mencari lokasi sesuai
sn warming up the kids.. tp dia yg mengah
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how could i miss this entry? this is the entry that was uploaded but not published by me.. i was waiting for SN to upload his... then i went home.. and i forgot about it.. so this was the work on this 2 hyperactive siblings in dublin last spring... i was using my printer camera at that time.. i think i did better with those camera than this one.. hummm

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story of the lonely guy..

maikel phalin
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so today is raya... wasnt really hipped and excited about it. but the day has to come anyway.. so i decided to make a change this year... last year's raya was quite depressing.. everyone was quite busy with exams and nothing actually happened for me.. last year... after the prayer.. i went home and slept the whole day after i figured out nothing is actually going to happen...

but this year... this time.. today.. i've decided to go for a change.. ije told me today... its not about other people being boring and not raya... its you yourself has to raya inside.. then you'd enjoy the meaning of raya... he lightens up my day with his wise words.. that is so true... the only reason i had a very great raya in 2004 was no because i went home for it.. but because i was so ready to raya all out... apparently i had to give him a wise answer to that.. i said.. im just so sad that the ramadhan has gone...

so the day started with the raya prayer la.. then some photo shot session.. me and phallin got ourselves busy... and we did enjoy the self photo taking the most... we hardly get any of our pics up! (well the only reason im interested in photography was because i was amazed how good a photo would be without me in it! ) yeah that was fun.. a bit gay too!!!

we then went to CSI for some reason before going to some houses together... i asked him to raya with me today.. i dont want to be alone... instead i left him after he went to his tutorial at noon.. so sorry phallin... a man got to go when a man got to go.. though we planned tp meet up again after his tutorial.. the meeting house didnt woork out that well... so i had to cancel that.. and he never replied my sms after that.. still im so sorry...

then i hooked up with this crazy couple; ipin and... whats her name again.. sheesh.. sorry.. im so bad with names... id rather not saying it than got it wrong.. by the way we went to 2 houses together before i got stuck with the Xbox at iniesta's house...

then after the prayer and all... i then made my move to zil's house... the little devil lady.. a very2 nice girl... my classmate.. but she is so cool that its cool for me to call her the little devil for the first time here... i was suppose to go after 5 pm.. but then it was 4... and i already told her that i wanted to go early.. i have to go home so i could get back for volleyball training tonight.. we have a intervarsity soon... so i went...

there there were some girls from my class whom was already there.. and some juniors.. i HAVE no idea whats their name are... but hey.. i do know them.. just their faces.. eheheh so incase any of you were wondering what if i saw them somewhere and would i say hi... hehe well the rules for abgbotak is.. if you smile and take note of the presents of abgbotak.. you would be acknowledge too.. and then maybe i'd make an effort to get your names from someone else.. so i wont embarassed my self asking your names.. seriously...

then come some more girls.. the juniors.. this time i do know some of their names for some reason... and if its not of that reason.. hell i wouldnt have any idea... we had a good chat... even though i made a fool of myself most of the time... one of the girls actually thinks that i do have a gf... sigh...


yeah.. she saw me in london last winter with a girl... took me a while to figure out with whom i was at that time given the place taht she described seeing me... it was my younger sister!!! mek if you are reading this... i do miss you so much.. adik raya kat mana tahun ni? hahahahhahahaha (mek is my manja name to my younger sis who is in indonesia right now.. raya for the first time without us)

then this one girl ask me about this girl.. if she is my gf.. took me even more time now to figure out which girl she was describing... then suddenly this another girl said.. YES! that is his gf... omg.. after 5.5 seconds later then i figured out who she is... these girl keep grinning at me till i had no chance to defend myself at all... sigh.. even if you see loads of a particular girl in my fp.. it doesnt mean that she is my gf! if thats the case.. i'd spend more time looking and posting for salma hayek's pic.. then i would agree with that rule..

then the last stop was my two most closest friends in galway.. 'the two wives' .. hahah i bet they are gripping their fist when they read that line... btw.. it was only planned for a drive thru open house... i was suppose to go and just get my take away food and go.. but then changed of plan.. they were going out.. so we decided to meet up in the red house instead.. fahitah's house.. my another very good friend.. (hahaha i have too many close lady friends and left none for gf! )

overall it was a good day... not the best day.. but i do laugh more today than any regular day that has been this term of the year... so it was good... when i come to it... i have no idea how could you read till this part of the story.. its just a story mumbled by a lonely guy talking about himself and his day... like anyone cares! next time, dont expect too much aight! hahaha the higher you hope, the harder you fall! lalalalalal

currently listening: justing timberlake ft TI - My Love

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