colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

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i wish the skies are blue

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i wish the skies are blue......

today is my mom's birthday!!! sheeeshhhhhh im so sorry.... lupa!!!! dah la sini lambat 8 jam than malaysia... sigh.. i've totally missed her birthday!! blame on my siblings for not reminding me!! sigh..

i havent been out of my house since i got back from o'gara's house... have no idea what day was today... faintly remember when was the new year's eve... sigh...

so since its my mom's birthday.. i'd put this extra entry for the week... so whats the relation between the title of this entry and my mom? well we hardly see the blue sky here in galway... most of the time its a beautiful day if its not raining.. so gloomy dark day without rain is still considered as a beautiful day here.... btw.. yeah obvious point to be made was my mom always make my sky blue.. if you want to make it rhyme... she makes my greay sky blue...

ummm she is 50 years old today! i still think she looks the same as she was 30 years old.. seriously... no point sucking up.. my dad has all the money.. even if she has her own money.. she'd still tell me to ask it from my dad.. when i ask her what she does with alll her money...

"its all for my bling bling my son.. and you have to save some money yourself to get me some more bling bling too.. its what everybody do you know.. so you dont want to be called untrendy dont you?"

so thats my mom.. as if you ever read what i wrote before... when my dad told her that he got her the very thing that she wants for her (which was me!) she guessed... bling bling!! oh mom... i guess a girl would always be a girl no matter how old she is...

btw have you known that my mom was a teacher? well still is kinda... she had taught ppl from primary school students to junior high and high school students... to pre uni students... uni students and matured students... yup she covered them all... the ironic thing is.. she taught the same age group of ppl as us her childeren as the time goes by....

soooooooooooo yup she can tell if we lie... imagine looking at the faces of the students everyday giving excuses why he couldnt finish his homework or how he lost his book... yeah... because of that massive training she had.. she is very good in telling if you are lying.... thats why i have this habbit of avoiding eye contact when talking to the ladies... so she cant tell if im lying or not!!! so if i do that most of the time... even when im telling the truth.. surely id messed her mind later when im telling lies wont i?

anyhow her teaching students the same age group as us when the time goes by is a good thing too.. why? she become very understanding... and was voted as the coolest mom by my friends at one time.. when we were around 18-20 years old i guess.. one of the best thing about her is... everytime i tell her i like this one random girl... she'd say....

" yeah right! as if she'd like you back! dream on boy!"

today's song.. nitrus- kamu

Saturday, 30-Dec-2006 16:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
xmas with the O'Gara Family

ni dia olivia
the family infront of their house
kevin, monica, olivia, terence and eddie
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i was so lucky this year... the O'Gara family had invited me to stay over in their house for xmas.. how excited was i... i knew their only daughter olivia last summer when she was in malaysia with her friends.. olivia picked me up in ballyshannon on the 24th and drove me to her home... i was so nervous to meet her parents and her granny... she has 2 brothers and she is the middle one.. i never feel very easy with brothers of a lady friend of mine... ( coz i usually a bit edgy with guy friends of my sisters)

she anyhow reassured me that her brothers wont hurt me and her parents really wanted to meet me.. so i did arrive at her house that afternoon... took me a whole 2 minutes to get out of the car ... i was so nervous that i almost had swallowed my tongue when they said hi to me... after a few minutes i was alright... made my first joke after 15 minutes being there... i was about to go out for a walk with olivia and kevin (daddy) asked me if we are gonna be cold and needed a lift... i said we'd be alright and we'll run if we got cold.. (so lame!)

monica (mommy) cooked great dishes... she went an extra hundred of miles in getting some halal lamb which had to be specially ordered and delivered from limerick!! uhuhu felt so bad to be troubling them... her granny was very2 nice... chatty too!! she always made effot to make small talk with me.. most of the time she ask the same question again and again.. she was very nice though... her brothers terence and eddie was cool too! sadly we didnt have much thing to do together since i dont play golf or gaelic football!

i had a few presents myself for the xmas.. one from the parents a a few from olivia.. luckily i did get her something.. if you ask me are they a happy family... id say YES! they are any happy family would be.. i felt home.. made me miss my family... they funniest thing was eddie the eldest in the family kept picking on his mom... and her mom keep asking me would i do such thing to my mom seeking for me to be on her side... sadly i said yes.. and yes id say most mom are the same.. worrier!! study more.. dont play too much.. and gossips too!

in return i thought i could take some photos for her family... unfortunately luck was not on my side.. it was a gloomy couple of days... i was shooting in RAW too! so took me sometime to get everything to the best that i could do... sigh.. maybe i could have done better with better lense and a flash gun which i could take some pics inside the house.. too bad they all had to obey me to be outside for the lack of light.. i have to admit that some photos taken were influence by the experience i had with SN..

different story.... my sister got engaged today.. i rang the house last night asking if i could see them live on the internet... my dad said no... and 6o clock this morning my dad rang me up and gave the phone to my brother.. he gave me the streaming ip and it works! .... at least i could say i was there partly during the ceremony... even though the streaming wasnt so great... lagging like hell.. but it was enough for me... enough for me needs to be there during the important event.. my sister was so happy.. jumping all about... hahaha i have to say she did lose some weight.. not too much.. but significantly enough compared to how she was the last time i saw her... so 20kg more to go in 6 months!! (told her not to eat too much!)

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time of your life

warming up..
caught in the moment..
org suruh warm up... dia peluk tubuh,,
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i was watching the greenday concert in england last year that i've downloaded. its been a while since i last really spend time just to enjoy good music... its very2 hard to find spare time nowdays... greenday has been together for more than 17 years now and ive been listening to them since the last ... (shoot how old am i now???) well since 1994... and how long ago that was? 12 years!!!

yes i was listening to dookie when you were listening to KRU. i was enjoying insomniac when you guys were listening to backstreetboys... nimrod when you guys were listening to spice girls... warning when studying for spm... bla2...

and untill now they still sounds great.. havent really got tired of them yet... gosh1 how can you make someone be loyal to you for that long? and when you never see them?! thats something that i should learn.. the longest i made someone loyal to me was 6 months... hahahahah not so good in that department....

anyhow... my all time still rockin song is time of your life by greenday... that song caught my ears the first time i hear them and still now i enjoy listening to that song... when you look back to the photos that you took... they all are the diary of the time of your life in the best way....i picture!! the draw back of being a photgrapher is u'll never be in the picture... but the satisfaction is when you see how great the picture turn up from the click and twist of your fingers.... well the ideal picture would be the one that you took and with you in it!! but please no close up of oneself!!

anyhow none of these photos were taken by me obviously!! these were some of the photos that were taken by the girls 2 months ago in dublin in the all ireland volleyball tournament . yeah.. i made my uni team again this year... so obviously i cant be playing volleyball and take photos at the same time! (actually... i can... but my team manager wont be impressed!) anyhow was great! really easy path to win it! we had good team this year... obviously far better than last year by 5 times!!

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how to marry my sister in 10 days

my sister and her bf with my dad at the back...

day 1: fall in love with her and make her fall in love with you and make her believes that you guys have been seeing each other for more than 7 years.

day 2: be very nice to my mom since my dad wont be too interested if you have things going on with his daughter.

day 3: pretend that you care and get along with her brother and sister. yes dont bother to make friend with me coz obviously im just like my dad.

day 4: get a good job with good prospect. an engineer for telekom is not a bad start.

day 5: spend the raya at her house. obviously when im not around and make good prospect with the aunties and family friends.

day 6: ask my sister to meet your parents. make sure you convinced her that she does not look fat she does not has to help around in the kitchen.

day 7: tell you parents that you are getting married to my sister. dont take no for an answer.

day 8: set the date for engagement day and all the hantaran stuff.

day 9: get engaged.

day 10: get married to my sister. all nice and beautiful wedding.

day 11: if you ever hurt my sister, i'll kill you and make it look like an accident. (believe me we doctors know all the tricks!)

day 12: your funeral.

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my hero..


My Hero
Foo Fighters
(The Colour And The Shape)

too alarming now to talk about
take your pictures down
and shake it out
truth or consequence, say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

there goes my hero
watch him as he goes
there goes my hero
he's ordinary

don't the best of them bleed it out
while the rest of them peter out
truth or consequence, say it aloud
use that evidence race it around

kudos my hero
leaving all the best
you know my hero
the one that's on

im so busy this 7 weeks.. im doing obgyn rotation and currently doing away rotation... i have loads to write about this guy but apparently i couldnt find the time or the peace of mind at the moment to write it down,,, got to get ready to go to ballinasloe.. doing on call on every other day this week..

p/s: if its too much for you to wonder,,, just look at that cool walker.. (couldnt remember whats its name)...

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