colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Wednesday, 15-Mar-2006 17:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
apron girl vs nyonya kebaya


these are the sceneries in the hospital lounge during lunch.. just love the eurpean girls who work there.. they are nice and always smile.. well maybe coz i do put on my white coat sometimes...

hampeh betull takpe2.. kali ni aku mengalah la.. arinih bad photo day... tp hang still tak buat lg camera terbang.... so round ni hang menang.. round camera terbang tu camna? tarik diri ke? siap hang suhaimi!

hafidz vs suhaimi

1st round: camera terbang 1- ??

2nd round: awek ditempat anda 0-1

aggregate stakat nih: 1-1

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alone in the cold- simple mode entry

kene letak kaler dulu
kang ada org tatau amik gamba apa
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in case if any of you still doesnt know, my life evolve around my house, the hospital and the groceries store. thats why most of the time you'd see the stuff that is around this places or taken from these places. im not really a going out kinda boy. at least over here. id like to think that im too busy to be going out except for training.

anyhow last week i woke up one morning where it was -5 celcius at a point. it was a cloudy morning but doesnt seems like its gonna snow. galway here is well known for rain and frost anyhow.. not snow. in the freezing cold, i grabbed my camera and the thickest jacket that i have and started to wander around the house. it was quite frosty, but not really2 frosty. maybe its due to humidity or the sun did shine at certain spot during some intervals.

had to say sorry to suhaimi since i couldnt get any snow pic yet. well i wish it wont be getting any colder! we had a very heavy snow once in april!!! its a crazy place here. i was in the mood for macro and for simple things. bro jeff said sometimes simple things can give bigger effect that comlicated stuff.. (like the flying camera )

so basically i was playing with the focus and compositions.. it was a bit cloudy at certain part of the house.. so u might see some noisy pictures... so now my fellow FP mates.. lets get on with the simple stuff! then you guys can show off your creativity.. and yes please do send me an invitation if u did take my challange!

i found myself with this 3 quotes today...

"your lack of understanding doesn't reflect my ability of explaining"

"your 'knows everything' attitude doesn't necessarily impress others, certainly not me"

"your defensive mode shows your insecurity"

bak kata lea.untold... dig it.. dig it....

abah got his model before me.. sigh...

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bumper entry: leaving on the jet plane the musical photography

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
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i wpuld like to present you.. leaving on the jet plane the musical photography.. some of the photos are recycled from this fp.. and most of them are my unsuable pics as well as the photos that i took without really thinking what's it for.. so please pardon the pics quality.. its not that what im trying to show to you guys here.. enjoy!

Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver,

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go

I'm standing here outside your door,

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye.

But the dawn is breaking it's early mor'n

The taxi waiting he is blowing his horn

Already i'm so lonesome I could cry.


So kiss me and smile for me,

tell me that you'll wait for me,

hold me like you will never let me go.

Cuz I'm leaving on a jetplane,

don't know when I'll be back again.

Oh babe I hate to go.

There's so many times I've let you down,

So many times I've played around.

I tell you now that they don't mean a thing.

Every place I'll go I'll think of you.

Every song I'll sing, I'll sing for you.

When I come back I'll bring your weddingring.

So kiss me....

Now the time has come I'm leaving you.

Just one more time let me kiss you.

Then close your eyes and I'll be on my way.

You can dream about the days to come,

when I won't have to leave alone,

about the times when I won't have to say.

So kiss me....


in my defence:

izhal: i said its hard to do silhoutte is not on the technical part... but the artistic part.. got it?!

jamster: aku pon belasah gak! ehehe tp anyhow i had limited choice of composition coz the sun is there and i was close to the object.. so to get in the right spot between the sun and the object.. i had not much of a choice! theres nothing i can do about the lines..

suhaimi: kalau aku buat kaler kang.. saper nak buat bnw?

mopiko: tak tiru pon!!!!!!

lea.untold: good luck on the floor!

Friday, 10-Mar-2006 10:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
silhoutte... bnw style........

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so... it seems like everybody is doing trees nowdays... for me trees are quite boring.. eheheh no offence to the naturalist though!! anyhow i always find it hard to do silhoutte in bnw... its kinda... doesnt goes well... obviously in coloured pics.. silhoutte darkens the object and the background colourfull light like the sunset would cheer up the pic... its kinda goes the opposite; colourfull background with dark, blackened subject... in bnw... theres only 2 colours... eits either black or white.. so darkened the ubject in the pic kinda... ordinary... so i tried to play around with the bright sun..

did this shots at 1 pm... almost blinded myself staring at the sun to get it right.... and after that my fellow friend told me that it can damage the sensor of the camera... thats why some of the photos come up with horizontal line noises... duh.... scary.... but apparently after trying more shots after that, the pic seems to be ok.. so my camera is still fine... sayang my halimah puteri (HP) nih..

so my trick was... to use highest shutter speed with high iso if i want the background to be a bit bright... still depends though.. coz like the first pic.. i prefer to have the clouds dark so the sun would 'come out' from behind it.. im starving... thats all la! eheheh


my dad is killing me with his pic... sigh.. more

Wednesday, 8-Mar-2006 00:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
counting branches...

counting behind the house
counting from the fence
counting from beside the house

yeah... i have to admit this is not the best entry that i can put up.. trees can be a boring subject.. ahahah anyhow im draining out of ideas.. nothing else to throw around anymore except that i really wanted to do decisive moment on ppl about to jump off a tall building or about to hit the ground from the tall building... otherwise im out of decisive moment.. did a few silhoutte shots last week.. waiting in the list to be published.. dont have the time to shoot everyday man! and no one does that except the pros.. yeah my stock is running really2 low...

so this is it... models wanted!!

my next project is portraiture.. never really did this before except some spontaneous shots of unalert ppl.. this time i'd like to try some pro touch and style.. those ppl go to studio for and frame it.. i know its boring.. but maybe later i'd be usefull if i am to make any money from photgraphy!! obviously regular malaysian ppl (where the big market is!) wont buy any of the shots that i've done here.. its kinda... not about them! ppl always want things thats about them! hey! who are we more interested and concern about than ourselves first?! thats why the first thing u do when u look up a photo is yourself! obviously when you know that you might be in the pic la!!!!

so this is it.. who is interested please give me a holla.... i'll be in ireland for the whole month.. mostly in galway... but i might be in dublin for st patricks day... so if you are interested.. please come to where ever i am at that time... since im not going to be paid for this (unless u think i deserve to!) so yeah.. u have to do all the dirty works.. if you really cant travel to me and really insist that i do you guys.. then please foward me full return flights tickets with accomodations and all... yeah flights even within ireland..

good chance then for the galwegians!!! dont worry.. i'll give you some copies free of charge for sure! if not... lepas ni amik portraiture biri biri la nampaknya...



Prince of Wales Feather Geyser in my dad's fp...

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