colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 18:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
next rounds tittle release...

since the feedback is really motivating, we now have 5 contestant in "hafidz and suhaimi foto of the week" contest....

so here is the recap of previous rounds:

round 1: camera terbang
round 2: awek di sekitar anda
round 3: rakan sekerja anda
round 4: macro- water with no subject preset condition

round 4 is due on the 27th of march 2400 hours malaysian time

the next 2 rounds would be:

round 5: trail light reflection - due april 3rd
round 6: portrait of a total stranger you just met - due 10th of april

please remember that it should be a fair game, big money investments are not recomendded for the spirit of fair game. shouldnt be class A contractor versus class F contractor.

here are the contenders:

wmdhafidz : hp photosmart 945
suhaimi: konica minolta maxxum 7D
lobai: canon EOS 300D
abah: nikon D200
husaini: canon EOS 300D

tidak lupa juga our pompom girl yg cantik lagi ayu..... aishifu!!!!!!!!!

makanan ditaja oleh......... mamafami!!!!!!! yeayy!!!!!!

crowd control pula ditaja oleh... taufiq security and cctv public limited

Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 02:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
warm up entry for round 4

u amik gamba apa ni? takde angle lain ke nak amik gamba i? :P
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hahahaha hang ingat hang sorg je ke pandai warm up? nah aku pon warm up gak... eheheh these are the photos taken by didi when we were out taking photos last week.. wonder what was in her mind..

reaching round 4: macro water - no preset subject condition

wmdhafidz- 1 point (1+0+0)
suhaimi - 0 point (-1+1+0)
lobai-0.5 point (n+n+0.5)
abah-0 point newcomer (n+n+n)

suhaimi kene potong 1 markah sbb tak submit entry... 3rd round won by lobai.. tp dpt 0.5 marks je sbb tu bukan rakan sekerje dia... tu model dia...

Friday, 24-Mar-2006 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
st patricks day - Dublin

first shot!!
excited kids!
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its st pats day! its my fourth st pats day here and my first one in dublin... it was rainy and hail stony.. the teperature varied from 0 to 5 degree celcius.. my hand was frozen! tp sbb gian nk amik gamba nyer pasal.. i took around 300 shots on that 3 hours parade alone... with my camera capabilities of one shot per 5 seconds.. it was very2 frustating...if D70 it can take 3 shots persecond.. mine is 1 shot per 5 seconds!! diffuse low light was a drawback as well.. set my camera to iso 200 and shutter speed of 1/180 i guess.. and auto flash which didnt help much due to the distance where i was standing and the fancy tricks this time.. just plain frame and shoot.. huhu

the crowd was crazy!! i was a bit late and had to stand behind the crowd.. loads of ppls head in my pics.. i was there with darina, kak sue n nel.. most of the shots i took using 40 to 61mm lense zoom.. dah tak shaky2 dah skang ni! most probbably because my hands was frozen!

and yes i tried panning for the first time here.. need to mention here.. my HP945 camera has a blackout period view thru the view finder when the shutter is pressed... so i actually panned blindly.. sigh.. need a real dslr... anyhow as usual the parade is fun! its about colours, music and imformality.. not like malaysian parade.. sumer kawad cam askar... well maybe thats because its the independence day.. need some patriotics feelings....

since its about colours.. i only took a few bnw pics.. so sorry for those who visit my fp solely to see bnw pics... oh yeah.. ppl who goes to st pats day have to wear green! its a must or u r not sporting.. the only green that i could find was a green paddy power cap from nel.. huhuh its a betting agent!

it was freezing cold seriously.. and thanks to my cheprons whom were very patient waiting for me till i took my last shot... you guys are great!

abah came back from HK with new pics.. he is getting better and better.. sigh.. stress..

Thursday, 23-Mar-2006 00:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy hour...

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i went to dublin last week to visit some friends and relatives for a week. The first thing that i had to do when i got there was to follow them for a karaoke session. Luckily i had my camera with me so i got away from singing using the excuses of taking photos.

the set was hard. Its a small room for 9 ppl with bad ventilation, hard red light used to light the room, no bounce flash, yellow painted walls and loud singers! anyhow it was all fun! plus i got the chance to take pics of ppl OTHER THAN GALWEGIANS!! i just got my self 2 new sets of NiMH batteries which last longer than i expected! in the hard condition, i had no choice but to use flash.... takkan nak pakai shutter 1/15 secs kot?!

after the karaoke session we went down across the street for dinner... which was great coz i was starving!!!

Thursday, 16-Mar-2006 01:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
round 3: rakan di tempat kerja anda

bz gila tgk patient
renungan ku padamu
usha skit..
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huhu tak mengharap pon menang round ni ngan entry camni.. tp belasah la.. nak wat camna... suhaimi tu terer sgt.. berangan je la for me to win.. he proposed this round buat lightning.. tp tak aci laa.. ireland mmg tak pernah kilat langsung... uhuhuh then i came out with this one..

anyhow.. this is how we do it overhere... depends on the attachment that you are doing.. you can see urself being in the hospital at around 7am in the morning or 9 am.. surgery attachment wouldnt start later than 7.30 in the morning.. sigh.. and depends on the day as well. we might be stuck back till 6 pm.. other than winter.. it might be fine.. but in winter.. 7 am is a hell to wake up to... imagine subuh abis kol 830 am.. how dark and cold the day is to begin with!!

what ever it is.. im on my break right now! going to dublin tmw morning for a week the most! maybe i'll be able to take some photos apart from things around my house and the hospital.. eheheh thats the only places to find me pon at any time of the year...

i took this photos in the CSI (clinical science institute) which is in the hospital itself.. these guys were down stairs on the ground level but with no windows! kinda like underground.. so the lighting wasnt that impressive.. and i still hate to use my flash though i had too.. so then i got the idea to make them stand under the dim light in the hallway and get them light painted!

p/s: weh suhaimi.. aku amik gamba jantan... kalau hang lawan ngan gamba awek.. sah2 la kalah aku!

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