colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Sunday, 2-Apr-2006 19:12 Email | Share | | Bookmark
u... kita gi zoo jom...

jauh nyer nk kene jln...
cepat la ikut!
ni kucing ke apa nih?
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H: "u... esok u ada kelas tak?"

D: "takde. u nk gi mn?"

H: "kita gi zoo jom!"

D: " ok. u check la website zoo. tgk bukak kol brapa. i nak amik gamba monkey"

the next morning..

H: "u.. bgn.. gi zoo jom.."

D:"u dah check lom bukak kol brapa? tiket berapa?"

H: "lom" (zzzzzzzz)

we end up going at around 1 o clock in the afternoon.. it was a cloudy day... gonna be challanging to get any good photos! so i set up my iso to 200 and my shutter of not less than 1/125 s. it was freezing cold too!!! we had to stay in door for a while when i rains and hail ston. id say it was around 5 and less... sigh...

since it was quite dark and cold... most of the animals.. esp those tropical animals stayed indoor... they have houses and those houses are connected to their own kinda yard... where they do their thang... so it was very2 hard to get a good pic la.. i dont think i did managed to get any... they were in a dark stinkin room with glass window... so very2 tricky.. and my hands were too cold to keep trying getting better pics...

so just bare with me eh!

overalll it was a great trip... still freezing cold and went up to meet kame after that!

Friday, 31-Mar-2006 05:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Modelling school part 2

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today is the second day that im hanging out with them as well as the last day too. Me and my cousin first met up zain in grafton street before going into Trinity College for a few shots. Then we went up back to st Stephen Green park again for a few more pics while waiting for sumai to join us. Along with sumai, we walk down to Jervis to meet kak lilly and the head up to the hangout place or the 'Istana Hinggap' as my cousin call it.

Kak Lily is the best malay cook that i found in ireland so far since she was a pro chef but still i wont be looking for her to do the coffee that i long for.

so today's theme was a laid back friendly outing which i love the most. Its just fun to hang out with friends and my job was to get the moment captured. I think i did fairly well.. not as good as i wanted it to be... but not as bad as... as bad lah!!!

the song of the day was... umm not sure of the tittle.. but the phrase that they keep repeating was.."its lovely, just got paid, stack it up, be on my way." its twista song called sunshine. search engine is very2 convenient nowdays...

so who is interested in having me shooting them hanging out with their friends??

Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 12:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wmdhafidz modelling school - Dublin (beautiful people)

first shot of sumai!
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at first i thought i wanted to give it a rest for myself after the hectic and stressfull competition we had before uploading a new entry.. So far the last round was the hardest one.. for all of us... draining for sure... unfortunately hati tak tenang... or 'jiwa kacau' (JK) when i see my fp without any bnw's.. huhuh dont know why.. its been quite some time since my last entry of bnw... hey dont get me wrong... coloured photos are great... its just that i feel an inner peace or satisfaction when my bnw pics works out as i expected or even better than i expected.

remember that i was looking for models last time? well luckily my cousin in Dublin do have some friends that are very2 sporting to help me out in learning... i was inspired by all the footage of sifu ted's classes. shame for me not being able to attend his classes due to distance and travelling cost plus the time. (im in ireland and he is in malaysia )

so at last there some beautiful people who love to help out the learning babies.they are 3 great friends sumai, zain and ridhuan. apparently they have seen my work before and zain in particular is a bnw fan according to my cousin. I was very2 happy! on the day as i plan to see them, i met my cousin first in town before going to their house in smithfield. penthouse!!!! oh yes on the way.... my cousin told me that they also had already booked SN for a session when he is coming over.

hell i was nervous!!! absolutely they will be comparing my work with his work later! duh!! i was scared that i wouldnt be up to their expectations.... sigh...loads of pressure there even before the shots... couldnt sit still! huhuh

when i first meet them.. i know they are all nice ppl... they were very2 warm and friendly.. and did say something nice about my previous work i guess.. anyway thats what i wanted to hear.. ahahaha u only hear what u want to hear right? calmed myself down since i didnt ask fo any money to shoot them.. actually i should be the one who pays them! ahahahah but since both are not even amateur... kira boleh la!!!

they gave me some time to look around and get idea on composing... feed me well and let me use the loo.. eheheh this is my first time ever shooting ppl in a preset condition.. before this i only shoot candid photos... so this is the time to learn something new... controlling your subjects as well as being in control of your camera and photos...

they were very2 nice and friendly.. during the shots... i can see how great friends they are...some ppl justify the quality of a picture by judging the appearance of the ppl in there (esp the pics which have me... ada org ckp my face dlm gamba "tak leh BLAH!" ) which i think is very2 wrong... its not about the looks.. gemuk ke buncit ke double chin ke and what ever... its about the heart and the soul of the person...

so that was what in my mind for my debut.. i wanted to show to the world that these ppl are beautiful.. great friends are beautiful.. thats what matters

im going to upload the photos in a few series.. this is the first session..

Monday, 27-Mar-2006 18:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
round 4 report

setelah lebih kurang 2 jam berdebat dan bergaduh... akhirnya conferece room menjadi makin hangat dan bingit pabila semua org mengaku dia punya entry paling best.... the room was filled with aishifu (the pompom girl) , taufiq (crowd ctrl). abah, wmdhafidz, suhaimi and lobai. after almost an hour breaking each others neck and buying votes (contractor class A buying contractor class F) with offer of treats and blackmailing D70, the organiser had made the decision to invite the pros to come into play. SN was very sporting to have agreed to judge us.

SN was baffled with loads of ideas planted to his mind by lobai whom was obviously disqualified form the beginning for not abiding the rules of the round. Confusions and contemplations increased and the atmosphere became more intensed when everybody keep lobbying their own work to SN. SN liked lobai's work alot but had to agree that he has been disqualified. In SN fairness, he called up another hot shot pros to the rescue using his 'talian hayat'. Sifu tedadnan rocks the house with his prime apprearance.

after carefully observing the entries, sifu tedadnan had one question for us. "Which one of all the photos submitted is the macro shot?" embarrasement shoots in the air and blushed all of the contestants.. he however suggested that the tittle "close ups" is to be more appropriate for all of the entries submitted. Then in embarrasment all of the contenders including the organisers agreed. since they all are class F photographers.. none of them has macro lense except one guy with +4D close up lense filter.. sumer bajet rendah.. huhuh tp perasan best sangat dah..

lobai's entry is still being disqualified besides the decision of tittle change. lobai preset the subject condition. with 3 entries to choose from SN had decided to vote for suhaimi's while sifu tedadnan went for wmdhafidz. the tension that you could have cut it with a knife went loose and everybody was happy with the decision. (saper berani question decision diorg??? )

round 4 closed with a tie between the tradition rivals wmdhafidz and suhaimi. our pompom girl aishifu blessed the air with her famous tripple backflip and in the air double split. taufiq had to go out to deal with 2 of the lobai's fanatics whom were protesting his disqualification.

it was a great round and all of us are honoured with the presence of the 2 most famous photogs. after all its all about having fun. good job guys!

there has been some amendments on the due date of round 5 and 6 but the tittle remains.

round 5: trail light reflection is due on 10th of april

round 6: portraits of a total stranger u just met is to be announced.

thanks a lot SN and sifu tedadnan!

lobai's entry

is obviously againts the round's rules which is

macro madness..... the tittle was macro water... with no subject preset condition.. which means the contestants are not suppose to determine how the condition of the water should be.. eg.. self dropping the water... stirring.. bla2...

this is abah's entry which is great but just unlucky this time...

standings after round 4:

1- wmdhafidz -- 2 pts
suhaimi -- 2 pts
3- lobai -- 0 pts (-0.5 langgar rules)
abah -- 0 pts

Monday, 27-Mar-2006 11:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
round 4 : macro maddness!!!!!

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weh saper tak siap lagi nih?!

macro madness..... the tittle was macro water... with no subject preset condition.. which means the contestants are not suppose to determine how the condition of the water should be.. eg.. self dropping the water... stirring.. bla2...

personally its a bit hard for me and my humble semi-slr camera to get a good shot.. let see what others have to offer....

wmdhafidz : hp photosmart 945
suhaimi: konica minolta maxxum 7D
lobai: canon EOS 300D
abah: nikon D200
husaini: canon EOS 300D

p/s: after highcouncil meeting.. no negative marking will be given after this.. and suhaimi's mark has been corrected to a total of 1 point.

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