colourblind.... if i can only capture images thru my eyes..

By: abgbotak yg sepi

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Tuesday, 17-Jun-2008 23:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sekitar hari pengisytiharan dr botak

perut tgh kembung and lapar and ngantuk.... so terima je la ye... photos by mamud edited by abgbotak

Sunday, 8-Jun-2008 00:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
stop for breath...

ola!! abgbotak now in kampung atap zink reutlingent... where taufiq shariff resides... going home soon!!! so wait aaaaa..... this is just preview... doesnt really know my way around mac....

Wednesday, 21-May-2008 06:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
the plan and the journey begins

as what i have wrote to you before, below are the details of my travel. thank you.

21.5: Dublin to Oslo

22.5: in Oslo . Take train to Stockholm

23.5: in Stockholm . Take train to Copenhagen

24.5: in Copenhagen . Take train to Berlin

25.5: in Berlin take train to Prague

26.5: in Prague take train to Vienna

27.5: in Vienna take train to Budapest

28.5: in Budapest take train to Venice

29.5: in Venice take train to Rome

30.5: in Rome take train to Bern

31.5: in Bern take train to Milan

1.6: in Milan

2.6: in Milan take train to Barcelona

3.6: in Barcelona take train to Lisbon

4.6: in Lisbon take train to Madrid

5.6: in Madrid take train to Paris

6.6: in Paris take train to Stuttgart

7.6: in Stuttgart

8.6: in Stuttgart

9.6: in Stuttgart take train to Amsterdam

10.6: in Amsterdam take train to Brussels

11.6: in Brussels take train to Luxembourg. day trip

12.6: in Brussels go to airport, flight to Dublin 7pm (arrive 7.35pm)

sekian terima kasih.

ni surat bg jpa and the embassy... huhuh taufiq ni emo lak tu br preplan skan ni plan the latest la.. hopefully i'll survive aat least the 22 days.. takyah smp sumer tempat pon takpe..... btw i'll try to update this page as i go along. my parents wont like it if i make them nervous... cheers! nk gerak dah ni.... buh bye!

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Officially Unemployed- its time to collect the DOLE

hello ladies..... if you guys have been wondering where have i been this year... well this is the answer.... alhamdulillah today the results of my FINAL exams were out... and thanks to everyone i have passed all my exams~!

after all these years.... days and nights... after all the naggs and yelling ... finally i have finished my tertiery education. my first degree... special thanks would be to my parents... all the monies and the worries well spent i'd say... my siblings... my special ones... all those wake up calls before and during the exams... my friends here.... with the social supports... my study mates... all those hassle and complaining among each others.... my fellow malaysians in the class... all those give me 10 causes of a disease and symtomps.... my juniors... those smoking sessions with Q&As..... to ipin and fida... being there for me on my ups and downs... buying groceries for me just before my exams.... and to all those ppl which i may have forgotten or intentionally not mentioning your names... thank you very much... i'd never have done this without you guys....

as for now... 4 days since my last exam... with room too messy than a kitten may got lost... ive decided to go on for a trip for myself.... planning to take over 17 capitals in europe in 22 days.... gonna be a very task... but hopefully it pays off in the end.... im aiming to finish 17... but i dont mind how many id do as long as i actually survived the 22 days....

so here is the plan... cant really make a fix plan as i really need to go on as i could case by case as situation permits.... next week... im taking a flight to oslo, norway from dublin. then going to
3. copenhagen
4. berlin
5. prague
6. vienna
8.ljubljana (slovenia)
9. roma
10. milan (not a capital)
11. bern
12. merseille(not a capital)
13. barcelona (not a capital)
14. madrid
15. lisbon
16. paris
17. luxemborg
18. amsterdam
19. brussels

i miss one capital.... hahahah dublin la tuh!

till i wrote this, i havent got any partner to go with.. so it seems like its gonna be a single eurotrip for me! thats a challage isnt it? oh well... if those dudes it that movie can do it... maybe i could as well! so if anyone has any experience or suggestion on this trip, id really welcome it.. i have 7 days before starting my journey......

oh yes.. i'll be doing my travelling solely by train... got a whole europe train pass for EUR 309... a bargain eh? gonna start with a flight to oslo and return by flight as well from brussels... or amsterdam... to save the 22 days limit on the train ticket...
im sleeping on the train as well at night when the travelling time is more than 8hours... saving the hostel fee and the time i have......

oh! im bringing a journal to write on during this trip.. since my passport wont be stamp by the border control since there will be NO BORDERS!.... so i'd try to get to the post office of each city that i get off.... maybe i'll buy a poscard from each of them and mail it home as well!! that would be something wouldnt it?

ok then... im so sleepy and tired... 12 years worth of tiredness! thats how long it has been since i first started to work on for today.... since i was 14 years old... (*note: im still 23; unless its relevant) so im off to bed.... going to have best sleep ever since 12 years ago.. and again... thanks to everyone... love you all!

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the time is dusk

The time is dusk... the time is dusk... the time is dusk..... sigh....

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